Develop, deploy and operate any smart contract project securely

ZeppelinOS is a development platform designed specifically for smart contract projects. It allows for seamless upgrades, and provides economic incentives to create a healthy ecosystem of secure applications.

Running software on blockchains is complex, time-consuming and prone to errors – but it need not be. ZeppelinOS improves smart contract development experience on all EVM and eWASM-powered blockchains.

Reuse community-vouched EVM Packages

Link to on-chain smart contract packages as building blocks for your project, and publish your packages for others to use.

Get constant upgrades and patches

Package developers propose upgrades to your dependencies, so that your project stays secure and up-to-date.

Upgrade your smart contracts

Fix bugs, security vulnerabilities, and introduce new features to your projects without migrating all your data.

Ensure the packages you are using stay secure and up-to-date

The ZEP token ensures that ZeppelinOS users receive the upgrades they need. Projects can use ZEP to vouch for EVM packages.

Earn ZEP for auditing and developing packages

Any developer can propose a fix or improvement to the ZeppelinOS EVM packages. Developers will then be compensated when ZEP holders vouch for their packages.

Developers set their compensation rate, creating a distributed market of constant upgrades driven by user adoption.

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