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zeppelin_os is an open-source, distributed platform of tools and services on top of the EVM to develop and manage smart contract applications securely.

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The problem

Anyone can use open networks like Ethereum to run software and formalize contractual relationships through code. However, the process is often complex, time-consuming, and prone to error. Today, few tools are available to streamline development.

Current Smart Contract Environment

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Security gaps

Developers need to reimplement basic usability and security measures into each application.

Difficult to upgrade

The immutability of smart contracts makes them difficult to upgrade with new features and fixes—a major problem when dealing with security vulnerabilities.

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Limited interoperability

Decentralized networks are not structured to work together, often needing access to each other’s native tokens for transactions.

Few standardized resources

Every step of the smart contract development process is significantly harder than in traditional software.

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What is zepplin os

zeppelin_os is an open-source, decentralized platform of tools and services on top of the EVM to develop and manage smart contract applications.

It makes the smart contract development process faster, easier and more secure.

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What will
zepplin os deliver

zeppelin_os provides value to smart contract developers in
three ways:


An upgradeable, community-governed core of functionality provided by an on-chain smart contract library that developers can call for standard and common functions in their applications.


Developers can purchase and monetize inter-contract services offered natively inside the OS smart contracts. zeppelin_os establishes interoperability standards allowing smart contracts to interact with each other.


Apart from on-chain services, zeppelin_os provides a set of off-chain tools to simplify the development, debugging, testing, deployment, and monitoring of decentralized applications.


The ZEP token

The zeppelin_os ecosystem is made possible through the
ZEP token.

The ZEP token is designed to streamline the developer experience by facilitating smart contract interoperability and decentralizing the governance of the platform.


The zeppelin_os marketplace creates a plug and play experience, allowing various protocol services to be integrated into any decentralized app. With a streamlined utility token (ZEP), one payment method can be used across thousands of apps and protocols.

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The ZEP token is structured so that zeppelin_os continually upgrades and patches itself. Upgrades are powered by a decentralized upgrading mechanism, where network participants can vouch for new versions of the zeppelin_os Kernel.

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